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Welcome to V-Class Hire, where we take pride in delivering top-notch chauffeur-driven experiences across the UK with our fleet of luxury vehicles. Today, I'm thrilled to guide you through the impressive safety features of the Mercedes S-Class, an iconic choice for our discerning clients in the West Midlands and beyond.

Safety Innovation of the Mercedes S-Class

As an avid fan of the Mercedes S-Class, I'm always captivated by its commitment to safety. Let me walk you through the features that make this vehicle synonymous with secure travel.

PRE-SAFE® System

This ingenious system is like a guardian angel for passengers. It anticipates collisions and prepares the cabin by adjusting the seats, closing windows, and tightening seatbelts, ensuring maximum protection.

Active Assist Features

From Active Brake Assist to Evasive Steering Assist, the S-Class is equipped with a suite of sensors that help prevent accidents and reduce their severity should they occur.

Night Vision Assist

Driving through Birmingham's misty evenings or Coventry's dark lanes? The Night Vision Assist uses infrared to detect pedestrians and animals beyond the reach of headlights, a true lifesaver.

Innovative Comfort and Protection

The S-Class doesn't just protect; it pampers. With seats crafted for ergonomic support and climate control to suit the unpredictable British weather, your journey from Leicester to Wolverhampton will be as comfortable as it is safe.


Enjoy a breath of fresh air with the AIR-BALANCE package that filters and fragrances the cabin air, creating an oasis of calm on bustling M6 motorway trips.

Burmester® High-End Sound System

Music is a balm for the soul, especially when heard through the Burmester® sound system. It's an auditory delight that complements the serene ambiance of the S-Class.

Your Safety at a Glance

Sometimes, a quick summary is all you need to appreciate the full extent of the S-Class safety features:
S-Class Safety Features Summary
Feature Description Benefit
PRE-SAFE® System Collision anticipation Prepares cabin for impact
Active Assist Features Accident prevention Reduces collision risks
Night Vision Assist Infrared detection Sees beyond headlights


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand why the Mercedes S-Class is a top choice for safety-conscious travellers:

What is the safety rating of the Mercedes S-Class?

The Mercedes S-Class is renowned for achieving high safety ratings in rigorous testing, reflecting its status as a leader in automotive safety technology.

How does the S-Class compare to other luxury vehicles in terms of safety?

The S-Class often sets the benchmark for safety features, which are then adopted by other luxury vehicle manufacturers. Its proactive systems and commitment to passenger protection are hard to rival.

How can I book a Mercedes S-Class with V-Class Hire for my travels in the UK?

Booking with us is simple. Visit VClassHire.com, choose your vehicle, compare prices, and book online. Whether you're in London, Manchester, or Edinburgh, we've got you covered with our exceptional service. In conclusion, the Mercedes S-Class isn't just a statement of luxury; it's a fortress of safety tailored for the discerning traveller. At V-Class Hire, our commitment is to your peace of mind on the roads of the West Midlands and throughout the UK. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, knowing you're in the capable hands of both our expert chauffeurs and the Mercedes S-Class.

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