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At V-Class Hire, we understand the importance of hosting a standout corporate event. If you're planning one in Manchester, you're in luck, as this vibrant city offers a myriad of venues and opportunities to ensure your event is not just successful, but memorable too. Let me guide you through the steps to organise an exceptional corporate gathering in the heart of the North West.

Venue Selection

Choosing the right venue is pivotal. Manchester boasts a range of options from the sleek and modern, like the Manchester Central Convention Complex, to the historic and grand, such as the iconic Midland Hotel. When selecting a venue, consider its proximity to public transport and accommodation. Additionally, many of your guests will appreciate the convenience of a chauffeur-driven service to the event, which is something we at V-Class Hire are adept at providing.

Event Planning

Planning is where the magic happens. Draft a timeline of the day's activities, and consider engaging local keynote speakers or entertainers. Manchester's rich cultural scene offers a wealth of talent to choose from. Don't forget to incorporate breaks and networking opportunities into your schedule.

Catering Options

The culinary experience can make or break an event. Manchester's diverse food scene caters to all tastes, from fine dining experiences to more casual, yet equally delicious, options. Ensure your menu accommodates all dietary requirements.

Technology Needs

In today's digital world, reliable tech is a must. Venues like The Sharp Project offer state-of-the-art facilities. Ensure your chosen venue can handle your specific AV and connectivity needs.

Transportation Services

How your guests arrive sets the tone for your event. We pride ourselves on offering luxurious transport options, including Mercedes-Benz V-Class and other high-end vehicles from Rolls Royce to BMW, ensuring your guests arrive in style and comfort.


If you have guests coming from across the UK, from London to Edinburgh, consider partnering with local hotels to provide accommodation options. This can often secure you a discount and simplifies the experience for your attendees.

Leisure Activities

Why not offer leisure activities to enhance your event? Manchester is home to iconic football stadiums, the Manchester Art Gallery, and the Royal Exchange Theatre – perfect for impressing clients or rewarding employees.

Budget Management

Keep a close eye on your budget. Break down your costs and allocate funds for each aspect of the event. Consider areas where you can save, such as booking transport with us where you can compare prices easily and get the best deal for premium services.

Event Checklist

  1. Venue booking confirmation
  2. Catering arrangements
  3. Technology setup
  4. Transportation with V-Class Hire
  5. Accommodation bookings
  6. Recreational activities planning
  7. Budget review

Final Thoughts

In Manchester, the possibilities for a successful corporate event are endless. With careful planning, the right venue, and impeccable transport with a touch of luxury, your event is sure to be a hit. Trust V-Class Hire to add that extra layer of sophistication and convenience to your corporate event. We look forward to being a part of your success story in one of the UK's most dynamic cities. Remember, the key to a successful event is in the details. So take the time to curate each element, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for your transportation needs. Your corporate event in Manchester is not just an occasion; it's an opportunity to shine.

Arjun Suresh focuses on technology in transport, often exploring the future of autonomous vehicles and smart transit systems.

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