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At V-Class Hire, we understand the importance of your wedding day, and the role that transportation plays in it. For those of you planning your nuptials in the historic and picturesque city of Oxford, we have a compelling suggestion: consider vintage wedding car hire as the pinnacle of style and elegance for your special day.

The Charm of Vintage Cars

There's something undeniably romantic about a vintage car. With its classic lines, sumptuous interiors, and the gentle purr of a bygone engineering era, a vintage wedding car isn't just a means to arrive at your venue—it's an integral part of the ceremony, a statement piece that reflects the timeless commitment you're about to make.

Unique Photo Opportunities

Imagine the stunning backdrop that a Rolls Royce or Bentley would provide for your wedding photographs. These cars are not just transport; they're a piece of history, an accessory that enhances every picture and leaves an indelible impression on your guests.

Reliable Service

At V-Class Hire, our vintage vehicles come with the added assurance of a chauffeur-driven experience. Our professional drivers ensure timely arrival, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey to your Oxford venue, be it the Bodleian Libraries or the manicured gardens of a country manor.

A Stress-Free Journey

Our chauffeurs are not only skilled drivers but also local connoisseurs who know the streets of Oxford and the surrounding UK cities like the back of their hands. This local expertise guarantees a smooth, punctual, and serene commute.

A Diverse Selection

While we specialize in the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, our selection of vintage cars is broad, featuring models from Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar. Each car has its own history, character, and style, ensuring we can match the perfect vehicle to your wedding theme and personal taste.

Tailored to Your Needs

We believe in personalizing your experience. Whether you prefer the opulent luxury of a Maybach or the classic British elegance of a Bentley, our fleet is at your disposal, ready to be part of your love story.

Practical Advantages

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, our vintage wedding cars also offer practical benefits. They're maintained to the highest standards of reliability and comfort, ensuring nothing detracts from your special day.

Comparison of Popular Wedding Car Models
Car Model Era Style
Rolls Royce Phantom 1920s Opulent
Bentley R-Type 1950s Classic
Jaguar Mark V 1940s Elegant

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I book a vintage wedding car for my Oxford wedding?

    Booking with us is a breeze. Simply visit our website, browse our selection of vintage cars, and reserve your choice online. We'll confirm the details and ensure everything is tailored to your needs.

  2. How far in advance should I book my wedding car?

    To ensure availability, we recommend booking your wedding car at least six months in advance. This gives you the best chance to secure the model that fits your vision perfectly.

  3. Do you cover other locations besides Oxford?

    Absolutely. While Oxford is a city close to our hearts, we cover every location in the UK, providing the same exceptional service and selection of vintage cars wherever you may be.

Choosing a vintage wedding car for your Oxford wedding is more than a touch of class; it's a journey back in time, a moment of cinema, and a tender nod to tradition. At V-Class Hire, we pride ourselves on delivering not just a service, but an experience—one that's as unforgettable as your walk down the aisle. To find out more or to book your vintage wedding car, visit us at VClassHire.com.

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