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Immerse yourself in the legacy of Mercedes, a brand synonymous with refined elegance. Among our fleet, the Mercedes V Class and Viano models stand out, offering a luxurious travel experience that complements the grandeur of your journey. Explore the features | Compare models | Events & Occasions | Celebrities & Media | Lochgilphead Locales

Remarkable Features of the Mercedes V-Class

The V Class is a testament to the inherent elegance and sophistication that Mercedes brings to the world of automotive design. Every curve, every line, every stitch speaks of attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

V Class vs Viano: The Luxury Showdown

Both the V Class and Viano cater to the discerning traveller. However, each model has unique attributes and capabilities. The V Class is perfect for small group travel, while the Viano offers a more intimate setting for couples or families.

Set the Stage with V Class

Whether you're heading to a wedding at the iconic Strathclyde cathedral, or a business event in the bustling city centre, the Mercedes V Class ensures you arrive in style.

In the Limelight

The V Class and Viano are not just beloved by our clients - they're the ride of choice for celebrities and have made notable appearances in the media. At, we believe in extending this luxury to everyone, making every journey a star-studded experience.

Explore Lochgilphead in Luxury

From the stunning vistas of Argyll Forest Park to the historic Crinan Canal, Lochgilphead offers a wealth of attractions. Travel in a V Class or Viano to transform your journey into a deluxe experience.

Covering PA30 and PA31 provides a selection of luxury VIP vehicles, including the Mercedes V Class and Viano, available for hire across Lochgilphead and Strathclyde, covering popular postcodes such as PA30 and PA31.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seating capacity of the V Class?

The V Class comfortably seats up to 7 passengers, making it ideal for small group travel.

Can I hire a V Class for airport transfers?

Yes, the V Class is a popular choice for airport transfers due to its spacious interior and luxurious comfort.

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