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Every Mercedes is more than just a vehicle. It's a manifestation of the longstanding commitment to luxury, performance, and quality that defines the brand. Among the marque's fleet, Mercedes V-Class and Viano stand as a testament to this legacy. Indeed, at, we're proud to offer these luxury VIP vehicles for hire in Telscombe and surrounding areas within East Sussex.

Features of the Mercedes V-Class

The Mercedes V-Class is a masterstroke of German engineering. From its sleek, aerodynamic exterior to the plush, spacious interior, every detail of the V-Class exudes sophistication and elegance.

V Class vs Viano

Both the V-Class and the Viano are excellent choices for small group travel, with their own unique attributes. The V-Class, with its modern styling and advanced features, caters to those seeking the latest in luxury and technology. The Viano, meanwhile, appeals to those who value classic elegance and supreme comfort.

Group Travel

The Mercedes V-Class is an exceptional choice for group travel. Whether it's for airport transfers, prom nights, weddings, or corporate events, the V-Class provides space, comfort, and luxury that's simply unparalleled.

Events in East Sussex

There's always something exciting happening in East Sussex. From the vibrant Brighton Pride to the classic Lewes Bonfire, these events are just a short drive away from Telscombe. With a Mercedes V-Class, you can turn the journey into a luxurious experience.

The V-Class and Viano in the Media

The Mercedes V-Class and Viano aren't just popular among our clients. They've also been featured prominently in the media and are favoured by celebrities for their style and comfort. extends this luxury to everyone, not just the elite.

Attractive Locales in Telscombe

  • Telscombe Cliffs
  • The Telscombe Tye
  • The South Downs

With a Mercedes V-Class or Viano, your journey to these locales can be as memorable as the destinations themselves.

Hire a Mercedes V-Class or Viano in Telscombe

At, we offer a selection of luxury VIP vehicles, including the Mercedes V-Class and Viano, available for hire across Telscombe and East Sussex, covering popular postcodes such as BN10, BN9. Back to the Top

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